Storage Boxes, Baskets & Bags

Published on 25 March 2020 at 13:06

Everyone is dealing with self isolation in their own way. Some may feel motivated to tackle lots of jobs at home, while others not so much. However you're spending your time right now is perfectly OK. There is no need to be productive if you don't want to. I go from spending a day in bed distracting myself with YouTube to jumping out of bed the next day ready to declutter or clean. Most days I'm just grateful to be healthy and sane.


I thought with it being the season of spring cleaning I would feature some small storage solutions for those who are tackling more clutter than usual with everyone being at home. Simply putting toys into a basket, keeping your trinkets in a little box or folding bedding into a bag to store under the bed may bring you a sense of calm, even if it's only for a few days or hours. Tidy spaces help bring clarity and peace, a must for strange times like these.

I recommend reading The Powerful Psychology Behind Cleanliness by Ralph Ryback M.D., Marie's Self Care Practices by Marie Kondo, and Beating Anxiety and Depression by Organising Your Home by Alexandra Tsuneta (title suggests that cleaning and organising your home will 'cure' anxiety and depression which is not the case. It is written by someone who has used organising, tidying and decorating to help repair their own mental health.)

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